Friday Guided Meditations

Below are recordings of selected Friday group guided meditation sessions.

Friday 5/7/2021: Lake Imagery

Friday 4/30/2021: Joy

Friday 3/19/2021: Early Spring

Friday 3/5/2021: Simple Pleasures

Friday 2/26/2021: Mental Yoga…with Fruit!

Friday 2/19/2021: Guided Imagery: Nature in Mid Winter

Friday 2/5/2021: Concentrated Focus and Relaxed Awareness

Friday 2/12/2021: Gratitude Meditation

Friday 1/15/2021: Stories and Poems 1

Friday 1/8/2021: Winter Wonderland, with original soundscape.

Disclaimer: These recordings are not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. They are for personal use only, and not for distribution or sale. Please do not listen while driving or operating equipment.

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